It’s not a secret that women spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. And it is so nice for the whole family to get together in the kitchen for a cup of tea or a glass of juice. Therefore this part of the house must be impeccable in every detail. Stylish, beautiful and neat kitchen Apell sinks, provided by Yiotis Christou will help you with this.

Perfection in every detail

Apell kitchen sinks catch your breath from a glance – accurate lines, chiseled form, perfect combination of colors. But the main thing is only high-quality materials that will last for several decades. Of course, the main material for making Apell shells is stainless steel, which has long been synonymous with reliability. But, thanks to the innovative solutions for combining this material with the glass surface of the sink, they look simply amazing. And besides – they are easily cleaned, which allows you to keep the kitchen clean.

Modern design for every taste

The trendy combination of stainless steel and glass in Apell kitchen sinks is not only practical. But also very beautiful. And the presence of different combinations and a variety of colors allows you to choose your ideal option. After all, the best designers from around the world worked over the appearance of these shells. In total, Apell has seven different collections of kitchen sinks. They represent different styles, sizes and combinations of materials. Whatever your kitchen, you will be able to choose the right sink for it.

Best for the best

The philosophy of the brand says – for daily use you need to choose practical things that will also please the eye. Apell kitchen sinks are just like that: their appearance causes a desire to admire and touch. Practicality is in simple care and easy cleaning. Achieving perfection is easy. Start with the perfect Apell shell.



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